Amazon Gives Diggs Nightcrawler a Subtitle

Diggs Nightcrawler hasn’t really had any new updates since it was first unveiled at gamescom 2012 six months ago. In fact, Until Dawn, Diggs NightcrawlerWalking With Dinosaurs, and Rain have all failed to garner much attention since they made their debuts in August, but in our never-ending pursuit of news regarding these titles, we may have found something.

Amazon France has posted a listing for Diggs Nightcrawler: Private Detective, possibly pointing towards the fact that the 2013 Wonderbook game will be getting a brand new subtitle, or it could just be them taking some liberties. Looking at other retailers, Amazon USA is about the only other one currently with a listing for Diggs Nightcrawler, though that one doesn’t include the subtitle.

With the big Sony event happening in just 6 days, there’s always a chance that the private detective will be making a reappearance.

Do you think we’ll be seeing any of those games revealed at gamescom on February 20th? Let us know in the comments below.

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