Music Unlimited Gets ‘Classic Game Soundtracks’ to Stream

Music Unlimited, Sony’s music streaming service, now plays game soundtracks, the company has announced.

Jeff Safran, Marketing Manager at Sony Entertainment Network, explained:

We’ve heard your requests for more dedicated genre stations, and we’re excited to have just released the Game Music channel.

Listen to an archive of game soundtracks, from massive blockbusters to cult classics including Assassins Creed, Silent Hill, Prince of Persia, Final Fantasy and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, among others. New songs will be added weekly to keep the channel fresh with music from all the latest games.

Sony also teased that over the coming weeks there will be thirteen additional channels for other “requested genres”, including Old School Hip-Hop and New Wave.

Are you a Music Unlimited subscriber? Or do you use iTunes/Spotify/Pandora or ‘other’ means? Let us know in the comments below.