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Sigma Gets Musical In Maestro Challenge Overwatch Event; New Soundtrack Released

Do you hear that music? No, really. This time it’s not just Sigma spouting his shoeless nonsense and there is actual music for everyone to enjoy. The Sigma Maestro Challenge in-game event is coming to Overwatch, coinciding with the release of a new soundtrack collection called Overwatch: Cities & Countries. While the soundtrack is rolling out across streaming services beginning today, the Maestro Challenge event won’t begin until tomorrow, July 14, across all versions of Overwatch. If you’re not Spotify-inclined then take a listen to what Cities & Countries has to offer with this handy, dandy YouTube playlist put together by Blizzard.

The music should be familiar to anyone who played more than five minutes of Overwatch since the game’s launch in 2016. The featured tracks are from each of the game’s various levels around the world. Regardless, it’s nice to get all of these tracks out in the open and in one place and gives me hope that we’ll get official releases for the remixed versions of these tracks that are used in the Overwatch League broadcasts. As for the Maestro Challenge, the in-game event will follow the pattern of past mini-events and reward players with sprays and, ultimately a skin for winning a number of matches before the event ends.

sigma maestro challenge overwatch

While these skins can sometimes be hit or miss the Sigma skin players can earn for completing this challenge might just be Sigma’s best look yet. Channeling his best rock-throwing inner Ludwig van Beethoven, Sigma can now at least match that voice emote where he hums that I may or may not spam over and over until the beginning of every match. The challenge begins tomorrow, so get ready to hop into your preferred Overwatch mode of choice and slap folks out of the air with many rocks in order to get this skin. The Maestro Challenge will run across all versions of Overwatch for the next three weeks with new rewards to earn each week.