Destiny Pre-Order Posters and Cards Appear, Game Includes Cooperative and Competitive Multiplayer

This seems to be the 24 hours of leaks as numerous different pre-order items have popped up for Destiny, ahead of the official announcement happening on Sunday, February 17th.

The one with the least amount of obstructed text was posted by Destructoid from Best Buy, telling us that we can expect an FPS “that redefines the genre,” “customizable weapons, gear, and vehicles,” the ability to create your own character, as well as “cooperative and competitive multiplayer game modes”:

Joystiq then showed off a couple different posters for Destiny, with them also detailing that it will feature an “always-connected universe”:

The Destiny Twitter account also sent out a tweet today saying that they will be releasing all of the info first to their followers, so if you want to get the news before it spreads everywhere, give them a follow.

Expect pre-orders to go live for Destiny either after the Sunday reveal, or the day after on Monday. However, the big question is whether the game will be an Xbox timed exclusive.

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