DmC DLC Vergil’s Downfall Dated and Priced

For those that haven’t gotten enough of being an totally-cool-looking demon slayer, it seems today you will be in luck, as today Capcom released new information on the next DLC add-on for Devil May Cry.

Set to put you in the footsteps of Dante’s brother, Vergil, the DLC aptly titled ‘Vergil’s Downfall‘ seems to not leave the most promising endings for the new protagonist. Hopefully Vergil’s new set of weapons and abilities will help him find a way to avoid his fate from this ill titled expansion that is set to release on March 5th on PSN for $8.99. This is just in time for fans that did get the seemingly random present from Sony, allowing them to be able to pick up this once it hits the store, if they did not already spend it on avatars.

Luckily, to tide you over in the meantime, make sure to stay tuned to our coverage of PlayStation Meeting 2013, and make sure to grab the free DMC update,’Bloody Palace Mode’ containing 100 new levels for challenge mode.