Digital Business is Booming for Vita, “Because Everything is Available” on PSN

While hardware sales for the Vita have been less than stellar, it seems that the platform is making up for it in terms of digital purchases. Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida told Destructoid that the sales for digital purchases on the Vita are not only booming, but out performing its big brother, the PS3.

“Digital business is the faster growing business” he said. “We do not publish numbers, but every month it’s almost a new record that the purchase on Vita is higher than the PS3, because everything is available [digitally].”

Sony had their big PS4 press conference yesterday which had a significant portion devoted to Gaikai, cloud-based applications, and instant game streaming. Considering Yoshida’s above comments, it seems that the Vita may not be doing as poorly as once believed, at least in terms of software sales – NPD and other software trackers can’t track PSN sales.

From the hardware side of things, Yoshida has already confirmed that there are no plans for a Vita price cut in North America. But chin up everyone! Maybe Amazon will come to our aid with another crazy Vita sale sometime in the near future.