PS4 PS Meeting Stream “Shattered all Previous Records for Concurrent Viewers” on Ustream

At yesterday’s PlayStation Meeting, Sony announced that their Gaikai and PS4 game sharing service is set to partner with Ustream to allow other people to watch you play games. Showing how close the partnership is, the livestream itself was hosted on Ustream, something that broke viewing records.

Ustream’s Joellen Ferrer told PSLS:

It’s exciting stuff, and we saw incredible viewing engagement: our Ustream platform (across multiple languages, embedded across hundreds of sites, as well as via enabled more than 7.5 million viewers, with a peak of roughly 1 million concurrently. This shatters all previous records for concurrent viewers (but not total views — NASA’s stream last Friday of the meteor eclipsed 8 million…close).

The show is now viewable if you want to watch it again/for the first time, so the number of viewers is sure to increase further. When you consider how crucial a million sales can be early on in a console’s lifecycle, the fact that millions watched the footage is definitely a good sign for Sony.

Did you watch, and did it make you want to buy a PS4? Let us know in the comments below.