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Don’t Worry, This Article on Publishers Blocking Used PS4 Games is a Lie

We’ve received a bunch of anxious tips to [email protected] about an article that claims that, contrary to previous statements, the PS4 won’t block used games, but publishers will be able to do it. Rest easy, the article is wrong.

MCV title their ‘news’ post – Pre-owned games block on PS4 is “a publisher decision”. It’s not or, at least, Sony haven’t said that. MCV writes:

GameSpot asked Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida in a quickfire Q&A not if PS4 would block used games but whether second hand games will require an activation code on the console.

His answer: “It’s a publisher decision. We are not talking about it. Sorry.”

They take this to mean that publishers will be able to put activation blocks on any part of a game, speculating that “publishers are obviously free to step up their existing online pass strategies to block more – or possibly all – game content from those who buy a pre-owned game without a code”. That’s despite the GameSpot post featuring a quote mere millimeters away that says “When you purchase the disc-based games on PS4, it should work on any hardware.” Or the fact that the PS4 will work offline, so online activation is impossible. As for that used games patent that apparently allowed for offline pre-owned blocking that MCV mention – a) Eurogamer’s source said it won’t be in the PS4 and b) you would still need online to activate the game/get a code, otherwise how would publishers get the money?

All this means is that publishers will be able to block online in used games through activation codes like they have been able to do on PS3, and that they’ll certainly continue to experiment with microtransactions and on-disc DLC to make more money like they have been able to do on PS3. What would be more interesting would be to know if used games will be able to earn trophies.