PlayStation LifeStyle PlayList: February 23rd & 24th, 2013 – Tired Edition

After posting a ton of information about the PlayStation 4 on Wednesday, doing 3 Ask PSLSes that day, then even more PS4 news yesterday and today, we’re tired. So, I’ll keep this short.

Here’s what everyone’s playing this weekend:

Chandler Wood – Preparing (@FinchStrife)

I’m going to be fully enjoying my last two days before I get my eyes cut open and lasered so that I can finally upgrade my vision to full HD after over 16 years of being legally blind if I don’t wear my corrective lenses. Maybe I’ll just play the “eye poke” scene in Dead Space 2 over and over again to get ready…

When I get tired of that I’ll be busy passively killing everyone I know and love in XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The soldier I named Sebastian has already died, along with a few family members and close friends. Dan has very nearly been killed more than once, as has my wife. Jason and Anthony haven’t had any close calls to speak of, so we’ll need to change that this weekend. I like to play loose, fast, and dangerous with my permadeath.

Dan Oravasaari – Face of a Donkey (@FoolsJoker)

This weekend I will finally be getting everything moved out of my house, so it is unlikely that I will have much time to get anything else done. Although, I will be editing Bad Gamers for Monday’s show, which will be guest starring Anthony Severino, who was at PlayStation Meeting 2013.

Jason Dunning – PS4-ed Out (@Jasonad21)

Aside from sleeping, I’ll probably be playing some Final Fantasy VII . I picked it up thanks to the Square Enix sale and I’m determined to beat it this time around, after I was locked out of my previous version from a few years ago after being locked out of my PSN account (long story) about 30 hours into the game.

Jesse Meikle – News Writer (@Jesse_WM)

I’m going to be spending the majority of the weekend at my parents place. So, I’m going to be primarily gaming with my brother. Local multiplayer may be a passive ambition among most developers these days, but we usually have a lot of fun playing Uncharted 3, PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale, Starhawk, and Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars is good for some scowling, and laughter.

Louis Edwards – Writer (@ftwrthtx)

This weekend is all about one of the games I couldn’t mention last week – Metal Gear Rising Revengeance. I know the Platinum trophy is out of reach, but I still want to get as many as I can. Using the Konami Code unlocks all of the difficulty levels, and the Revengeance difficulty should be called the Instant Death difficulty. For those wondering, the other game I couldn’t mention last was Urban Trial Freestyle.

Sebastian Hirai – Legally Changed His Last Name (@SebMoss)

I’ll be busy watching the PS4 announcement on a loop, followed by finishing up the creation of my Kazdoll. After talking to Anthony on Bad Gamers, I feel like playing some Mafia II and seeing what it’s like to be a mobster. Luckily it’s a one hour trial on PS+, so I can give it a go before committing. I might also see if I can complete the Far Cry 3 co-op with people that aren’t complete and utter idiots.

What games will you be playing this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.