Ken Levine on BioShock Vita: Still not in Development, “Hopefully it Will Come to Fruition”

One of the biggest moments for the PlayStation Vita during E3 2011 was when Ken Levine walked up on stage, held up a system, and talked about a BioShock pet project coming to the handheld. Over a year and a half later, we haven’t heard anything about it, and Ken Levine explained what it going on with the game in an interview with IGN:

As I said before, that’s sort of out of my hands right now. That’s with the business guys, negotiating that sort of business deal and trying to make that work for both sides. I’ve got my fingers crossed that that’s going to happen because it’s something I want to do, but until somebody starts signing the checks, there’s nothing I can do.

He continued:

At the end of the day, I work for a company, I work for Take-Two and if we were to do a game, they need to be able to fund that development, and they need to make sure they have a deal in place that makes sense for them and makes sense for Sony and all those things…I sort of tell them it’s something we’d like to do, can you try to make it happen and, of course, for Take-Two it has to work for them financially and it has to work for Sony financially and…hopefully it will come to fruition.

Ken then talked to Polygon today, where he went into some more detail about BioShock on PlayStation Vita:

I have business guys who are talking about it. At this point, until they have something, I can’t talk [about it]. It’s like any business negotiation. If they can find numbers that work [we’ll do it.]

I like the Vita. It’s a cool platform, and it’s gonna be cooler when the PS4 stuff comes out, too.

When do you think we’ll see BioShock on PlayStation Vita? 2013? 2014? Never? Let us know in the comments below.

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