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Kojima on PS4: More Interested in Online, Social Aspect, Tablet and Phone Connectivity

Creator of such awesome games as Metal Gear Solid, Snatcher and Policenauts, Hideo Kojima is awesome, and anything he says is important. Here’s what he had to say about the PS4.

Talking to IGN, he said that he didn’t watch the PlayStation Meeting, but that he had expected the obvious hardware improvements, and was most interested in the social features:

I can say that with every new generation of hardware the capabilities of the hardware increases. But up to this point it’s always been very much of a vertical evolution – of course, you expect things like visual fidelity, audio, frame rate. New features such as 3D capability, etc, etc. These things are a given. They come with the new hardware.

But what I’m really more interested in is other ways of expanding into the next generation – a more horizontal expansion, where you’re going to be doing things online, more of a social aspect. People will be able to interact with the game through various devices, through various media – such as tablets, smart phones, etc.

He then added that gameplay experiences like this could find their way into future Metal Gear titles:

I think it’s this new type of interaction – this new way of interacting with the game world – that’s more exciting to me. And I want to bring the Metal Gear franchise into that new wider world of interaction.

Whether that means we’ll see some smartphone-based connectivity in Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes remains to be seen, but be sure to stick to PSLS for more PS4 news as it develops.