Bad Gamers: Ep 23 – Assassin’s Creed IV, PS4 Online Subscription, Game Giveaway

It’s the first Bad Gamers of the month, and that means giveaway time. Listen in to find out how you could get a free game, simply by having fun and making up PS4 slogans.

In this balls-to-the-wall show, Seb and Dan discuss the hottest news, tease an upcoming game reveal, insult/answer a bunch of community emails about the PS4, PS+, online subscriptions and more as well as giving out some games. Plus, find out where Dan is sleeping now, and why Seb got in trouble with the police for being in an alley with an old man.

Download, with our apologies



Do you want to take part in the giveaway? Email your entries to [email protected], and this time we’ll check our spam filter. Let us know where you want the show to go from here in the comments below, where you think Dan’ll be living next, why following Seb on Twitter is far more important than following Dan, and make sure to 5* us on iTunes so that we can feel smug.