Numerous Deus Ex: The Fall Domains Registered by Square Enix

The latest development on the next Deus Ex was that it was going to be subtitled ‘Human Defiance‘, seemingly a continuation of the story in the last game, Human Revolution. That was then debunked to be a domain registered by a movie company, possibly pointing towards Human Defiance being the name of the forthcoming movie.

Today, Superannuation has found that Square Enix registered some domains (.com, .net,, .it, .de, .fr) for something called Deus Ex: The Fall. Since nothing has been announced by Square Enix at this time, this could just be them registering a domain for an idea they have, the next Deus Ex, a piece of DLC, or maybe something completely different, like a website dedicated to ‘The Fall’ trophy in Human Revolution.

We’ll keep you updated on anything regarding a new Deus Ex, so stay tuned.

What would you call the next Deus Ex? Let us know in the comments below.

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