Ask PSLS: Who is Your Favorite Video Game Character?

March 13, 2013Written by Jason Dunning

Central to pretty much every big video game these days is a likeable main character. For example, Nathan Drake from the Uncharted  series is a wise cracking adventurer who shoots bad guys and steals treasure, while at the same time, manages to stay alive even after multiple gun shot wounds and insane falls.

Because of where he goes and what he does, Nathan is a very interesting video game character and an obvious choice for favorite video game character, which is why we awarded bonus points to anyone on the PSLS staff who didn’t choose him in this week’s Ask PSLS – Who is Your Favorite Video Game Character?

Anthony Severino – Enjoying Some Free Beef Jerky (@Sev_Anthony)

My favorite video game character of all time is Psycho Mantis from Metal Gear Solid. I’m that guy who always cheers for the villains. Even as a child I preferred Skeletor over He-Man, Shredder over the Ninja Turtles, and when Arnold’s Terminator T-800 was rewired as a good guy in T2, the movie lost its spark with me. To my surprise, when Solid Snake encountered a weakling with a respirator that could read my memory card and fuck with my mind, I knew that I had found video game gold. I don’t feel any villain in any game or series even comes close to that moment, and to this day he’s my favorite villain, and therefore, favorite video game character.

Cameron Teague – Unsportsmanlike (@Cameron_PSLS)

I know it may not be the most fun answer you will receive, but I don’t really think I have a favorite game character. There have been so many characters I have loved over the years but I just don’t think I can pick one over the other right now. There are the Prinnies from the Disgaea series, Yuber from the Suikoden series, Big Daddies from BioShock, Rush Sykes from The Last Remnant, Toad from the Mario series, Naoto Shirogane from Persona 4, Yuri Volte Hyuga from Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Prier from Stella Deus… the list could just go on forever, so I will just stop here.

Chandler Wood – Wakes Up Every Morning With Wood (@FinchStrife)

As much as I love Psychonauts, my favorite character is not actually from that game.

My staple favorite character from day one has to be Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII, Advent Children, etc. Now this may seem like a cliche answer, but these characters were part of the origins of my gaming culture and I can’t turn my back on the character that got me into story based, gripping games. Sure, there have been more emotional, better storied, and arguably bigger bad ass characters since Cloud Strife, but he’ll always hold that special place in my heart. It’s like that first best friend that you had as a little kid. You may never see them anymore, and you may be having drinks with new, more recent friends, but they’ll always be remembered as the original friend. Cloud is my original friend.

Dan Oravassari – Recovering From Defiance Related Sickness (@FoolsJoker)

My favorite video game character has to be Vivi Ornitier from Final Fantasy IX. His design is pretty much just the basic Black Mage character class, but the way in-which he was written and animated really brought him to life. His story, while not as publicly brought up as Cloud or Aeris/Aerith, was one of the more memorable things for me in any of the Final Fantasy games I’ve played. And, even though his design is not particularly inspired, or ground breaking as many of the more ‘cool’ characters, he is one of the few characters that I find myself actually missing, and to me, that means more than a half-tuck.

Jason Dunning – Pastier Than Kratos (@Jasonad21)

I do have a couple that I really enjoy, such as Cole from inFamous (hopefully he makes some sort of appearance in Second Son ) and Jak before the voice change, but I have to go with Kratos. This decision isn’t based off the fact that he had a brand new game come out yesterday, more that he’s just an all around interesting character to watch and play as.

Unlike other characters who may have a moral dilemma with what they’re doing and all the blood they’re shedding, Kratos doesn’t. He’ll kill anyone or anything by any means necessary, and though he may put his trust in the hands of the wrong people at times, watching him exact his revenge upon them is just awesome. Then there’s also the quieter moments he has with his family, where you get to see why he is the way that he is and why he’s always so angry.

Jesse Meikle – Always Tucks His Shirt in Halfway (@Jesse_WM)

I know it’s the easy answer, but I have to say Nathan Drake is my all time favorite video game character. Whenever a new Uncharted game is on the horizon, I can’t help but turn into an irresponsible adrenaline junkie leading up to the release. Nathan Drake has become a personal icon and hero of mine due to his believable, witty, thrill seeking, (mildly) womanizing, and intellectual personality. Nathan Drake is, essentially, a humanized version of the childhood super heroes prominent throughout the 90s, who served as role models for young boys. I’m still a kid at heart, and when I grow up, I’m going to be Nathan Drake.

Louis Edwards – Plays With Himself (@ftwrthtx)

My favorite video game character is myself. With all of the many sports related games that allow us the ability to create our own players, what better character than our own namesake. From boxing to baseball, playing as yourself and seeing your own name moving up the stats boards makes games more personal. As a huge baseball fan, seeing my own name eclipsing Bonds, Henderson, Rose and others in the record book is beyond compare.

Kazbastian Moss – Kaz Hunter (@SebMoss)

It has to be gaming’s most beautiful treasure, Kaz. No other character looks so lifelike, or so welcoming. You just want to play with him all day long.

Vivas Kaul – Waterlogged (@VivasKaul)

Jason in Heavy Rain. I want to learn to love pressing X again. *sigh*

Who is your favorite video game character? Let us know in the comments below.