More Saints Row 4 Info Reveals Improved Drop in, Drop Out Co-op, You Can “Save the World as an Overweight Ninja Cheerleader”

March 15, 2013Written by Jason Dunning

With the August 20th release date announcement for Saints Row 4 this morning, you can bet that retailers are working hard on getting their pre-order pages up right now, so you can put your money down on it as soon as possible.

As of right now though, we could only find a listing from EB Games Canada, which reveals a few more pieces of information about Saints Row 4, and we’ve placed them below:

Patriots, Saviors, Saints – The presidency is not without its perks. Wield the most outrageous arsenal in Saints Row history. This is what the Second Amendment was meant for.

What is the Simulation? – Bend the world to your will and harness an array of super powers including Mind-Bending Telekinesis, Really Really High Jump, Really Really Fast Sprint, Shiny Blue Force Shield, and Sparkly Purple Fireball Projectile-of-Doom.

Vehicular Manslaughter – Command a fleet of American made tanks, jets and attack choppers or hijack mechs, jet bikes and interstellar ships from an alien armada – it’s all science, with just a little fiction.

Streaker of the House – Be the leader you were born to be with Initiation Station 2.0. Save the world as an overweight ninja cheerleader or as hulking brute in a three-piece suit with a penchant for pony tails.

Friends with Benefits – Seamless drop-in, drop-out co-op, a Saints Row standard, improved. The only thing better than one malicious super-powered President is two.

Other – Custom Weapons, Custom Mayhem

As more details come to light about Saints Row 4, we’ll be sure to let you know about them.

Will you save the world as an overweight ninja cheerleader? Let us know in the comments below.

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