Polytron Talks Fez on Vita and PSN: Is “Working with Sony Trying to Figure Something out”

With the announcement today that Fez would be coming to Steam on May 1st, ending the XBLA exclusivity, a question no doubt on many people’s minds was, “Is Fez coming to PlayStation?”

This may not be the concrete information that you’d be hoping for, but during an AmA today on Reddit (still going on as of right now), Phil Fish, of Polytron and the sublime Indie Game: The Movie (which Sebastian still hasn’t seen), answered the question – “Any chance on a PS Vita port?”

i can’t really 100% confirm that yet, but im working with sony trying to figure something out.

A similar question was also poised, asking about a PSN release this time, to which he answered, “We’re working on that with Sony. Can’t say more than that right now, though.”

He then was asked a broader question – “Is FEZ coming to any platforms besides PC?”

yes! eventually, fez should be out on pretty much everything. or at least at hope. PC is first, but many more ports will follow.

Looking at how awesome Sony has been at getting indie games to come to PlayStation recently (see Lone Survivor, Hotline Miami, Thomas Was Alone), if this does happen, we might just be able to see a PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita version with Cross Buy and Cross Saves, but that is just guessing and hoping.

Since nothing is officially confirmed for PlayStation yet, don’t get your hopes up too high, just know that they are trying to figure something out.

Would you buy Fez if it came to PS3 or PS Vita? Let us know in the comments below.

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