PlayStation Plus Price Isn’t Increasing in Europe Next Month, Sony Confirms

With the PlayStation Plus price set to increase on September 22 in the United States and Canada, PlayStation Plus Community Manager Frannifer answered some questions on Twitter recently, revealing that the price won’t be going up at the same time in Europe:

As Frannifer mentioned, the price of a monthly and three-month PlayStation Plus subscription went up last year in Europe.

Sony also confirmed to Game Reactor that they don’t plan on raising the PS+ price in Europe next month.

Additionally, Frannifer was asked if the amount of games offered each month – two on PS4, two on PS3, and two on PS Vita – will remain the same. “Yeah, we haven’t announced any other changes to PS Plus,” she replied.

The September 2016 PlayStation Plus free games will likely be announced on Wednesday. Despite repeated questions about them, Frannifer declined to offer up any details on next month’s titles.

One game that won’t be offered in the Instant Game Collection in September is DOGOS, which launches on September 6. A retro shoot-em-up for PS4, DOGOS will cost $11.99 and, as developer OPQAM explained to PSU, any guess-based articles about PS+ titles can have a negative effect on the developer:

DOGOS is coming out on: SEP 6th for PS4. It’s totally false that the game will be available for free.

[…] This article can have a very negative effect on potential PS+ buyers as they may think that it doesn’t make sense to purchase the game if it will be available for free short after its release. I hope you will understand, that being an indie studio, there has been lot of effort out behind this game, and that something like this can have an impact in our economy.

Have you stocked up on PS+ subscriptions ahead of the price increase?

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