Daily Reaction: The 40 Hottest Men in Games

March 22, 2013Written by Sebastian Moss

9: Peter Molyneux

Peter is going to bring you to the pinnacle of excitement before he even starts, just don’t expect much once the door closes.

8: Jack Tretton

Devilishly handsome, Jack Tretton is a suave and smooth Sony icon. Helps out a children’s hospital by giving them PlayStations. That’s how awesome he is.

7: David Jaffe

With a mouth as dirty as his, you can only imagine what he’s like in bed. Jaffe will always be honest with you, which we always think is a good thing.

6: Ken Kutaragi

Ken is a lot like God – He’s a Creator, he works in mysterious ways and he doesn’t really understand poor people.

5: Tim Schafer

Everybody loves Tim – he could take you to an expensive restaurant and simply ask everyone else to pay for the meal, and they’d do it.

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