inFamous: Second Son Listed on Resume as “PS4 Launch Title, to Ship 4Q 2013” (Update)

March 22, 2013Written by Jason Dunning

Update: Sucker Punch responded by claiming that “no one on the dev team would have this information,” so it looks like this date may just be a guess.

Original Story: When inFamous: Second Son was announced, we found out that it wouldn’t star Cole, going for newcomer Delsin Rowe instead. Then, it was revealed that it takes place 7 years after the “Cole McGrath Episodes,” with the game taking place in Seattle. Something we didn’t know, however, was a release date, but it looks like it could be a PS4 launch title.

According to the resume of Nathan Reed, who has been working at Sucker Punch since 2008, inFamous: Second Son is a “PS4 launch title, to ship 4Q 2013.” Not only that, the LinkedIn page of Nathan Reed also states that Second Son is a PS4 launch title:

This definitely isn’t concrete information that we’ll see Sucker Punch’s latest game join Watch Dogs and Killzone: Shadow Fall at launch, but if it is true, and Sony and Sucker Punch don’t decide to delay the game at some point, would you buy a PS4 just to play a new inFamous game? Let us know in the comments below.