PlayStation LifeStyle PlayList: April 13th & 14th, 2013 – Avocathrowdown! Edition

We reviewed Guacamelee! earlier this week, with it getting an 8.5, but how many people in the PlayStation LifeStyle staff are playing it this weekend?

Anthony Severino – Shocking Pulse (@Sev_Anthony)

Motherfucking BioShock Infinite. That’s my whole weekend now. This is what happens. I don’t play games because once I get into one, it consumes my entire existence. And that’s exactly what happened now that I cracked the seal on BioShock Infinite. I did so for my review of the PULSE Elite Edition headset, and I’m so glad I did. I am loving this game.

Cameron Teague – King of his Domain (@Cameron_PSLS)

I recently picked up Binary Domain and Spec Ops: The Line, so I think I will try and get some time in on both of those. Neither one seems that great so far though, so who knows. Outside of that, I think plenty of NHL 13 to get a bit of practice in for VGHL Season 7 and then of course some League of Legends here or there. Oh and when I find some extra time, a little more Initial D: Extreme Stage.

Chandler Wood – Playing With his Wand (@FinchStrife)

I finished 100% of the trophy list for Saints Row The Third: The Full Package this week and have now moved on to playing Darksiders II, which is probably what the entire weekend will be spent playing. I may take some time to master more wizardry with Wonderbook: Book of Spells, which is a surprisingly well done, interesting concept overall, and worth the $12 I spent for the book and the game on Amazon. I may also go a little crazy and dig into my way-back backlog to try to finish games that I started years ago but have yet to Platinum.

Dan Oravasaari – Bad Boy (@FoolsJoker)

This weekend I will probably be attending to a family matter that I have been to attending to all week, hence my inability to be around as much. Past that, I hope to finally get around to finishing BioShock (unlikely), as well as taking advantage of the Defiance XP boost that is going on right now. Also, I hope to be shooting and editing the much anticipated return of Bad Gamers.

Jason Dunning – Magical (@Jasonad21)

It’ll be a weekend of some Crysis 3 playing for me, and I’ll probably put some time into Magic 2013 since I bought the expansion pack.

Jesse Meikle – Choices (@Jesse_WM)

This weekend I’ll be spreading my gaming efforts across Disgaea 3: Absence of Dentention, God of War: Ascension, and Guacamelee!. I’m a huge fan of 2D sidescrollers, so I’ve been having a blast playing Guacamelee! conveniently across my Vita and PlayStation 3. I also find that Disgaea 3 seems to become exponentially more fun as you further entrench yourself in it’s deep strategy RPG gameplay. The characters are hilarious and have wonderfully awkward and complex chemistry.

Louis Edwards – Baseballin’ (@ftwrthtx)

With my wife out of town all weekend, I’ll be playing a game I can not mention until next week. I’m sure I’ll also get in some MLB: The Show time since I can’t seem to live without my baseball.

Sebastian Moss – Simple (@SebMoss)

I finally have power so I can finally play BioShock Infinite. And then I’m going to play it again. And again.

Vivas Kaul – Helpful (@VivasKaul)

This is going to be a busy weekend, so I might not get much gaming in aside from Guacamelee! and continuing my 1999 run on BioShock Infinite. So I’ve decided to dispense some advice for the other playlisters this week:

  • Cam, keep on truckin’. Binary Domain’s story gets good. Plus, it’s a short game.
  • Sev, we’ll see how much you like BioShock Infinite after you see the ending.
  • Chandler, Darksiders 2 is a pretty awesome game. Though given the story and the fact that there may not be another for a long time (if ever), it may end bumming you out how it ends.

What are you playing this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.