Windy Sister Dragon Sacrifice: PlayStation JapanStyle April 2013

I’ve been assigned to review Soul Sacrifice, so I went out and grabbed this, with the rad alternate box art pictured above.

Because, see, my Vita is on the Japanese PSN, and switching over is a royal pain in the ass. Most software tries to connect via its own native region, leading to errors if you’re not lined up. Plus, you functionally need two memory cards to make that work. So when the international version arrives in the mail, I guess I’ll buy a used Vita to see the English version and connect to the NA network and see how the two interact. So I’m spending mad money in order to finish a game and type a lengthy report, on a strict time schedule. Who’s metal, now? Let it never be said that we don’t go all out for our reviews here.

That out of the way, let’s get on the the short news bits, game release schedule, and JP life tidbits that make this column what it is.

~News Bits~

No, You Can Not Date My Sister

The hit anime and handheld game My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute will make its way to PS3. Here’s a picture of the main character (right) and his cute little sister:

The game is said to center around conversations and its own type of electronic social networking interface. Because no one can get enough of those, I guess.

Fate/Extra CCC Out For PSP

You know I love to post some video action here in PSJS, so here’s one featuring a whopping 20 minutes of PSP RPG Fate/Extra CCC.

Everyone’s Soul Is A Little Dark

It’s been announced that Dark Souls has crossed the two million mark in worldwide sales. That, plus its widespread critical acclaim give Japanese developer From Software something to be happy about, for sure.

Long-Running Soccer Series Breaks Onto PS3, Vita

Sega revealed via countdown that the Sakatsuku series will be getting a new entry on the PS3 and Vita, and that it will support cross-play and cross-save functions. This series has been around since the 90’s and has never left Japan, so it’s not probable that it will do so now. Still, new systems bring new possibilities, so we’ll keep our eyes peeled. The game is subtitled, “Let’s Make a Pro Soccer Club,” which is why these screenshots show a mix of (micro)management and playing.

~Japanese Game Release Schedule~

For Vita:

PSV didn’t get any new games on the 4th or the 11th, and it won’t get any on the 18th, but the 25th will bring the system four new games: Labyrinth Cross Blood, Picture Girlfriend Kiss, and pair of visual novels.

For PS3:

The PS Triple got the new Ninja Gaiden on April 4th and will get a different variety of ninja action on the 18th, in the form of Naruto: Narutimate Ninja Storm 3. (Yeah it’s got a slightly different title in Japanese, because the pronunciation of the words comes a little closer.)

On April 25th, PS3 is getting Tomb Raider, Bioshock Infinite, Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen, The Legend of Heroes Second Chapter HD, Steins;Gate, and a new Mugen Souls game, among others.

For PSP:

After a few visual novels got a rare Tuesday release on April 2nd, the PSP was also treated to Hatuskare: Declaration of Love on the 4th and Princess of Three Kingdoms on the 11th. Both of these visual novels come with $62 regular editions and $82 special editions. On the 18th, watch out for 7th Dragon 2020-II. This series is a lot like Etrian Odyssey — a first-person dungeon crawling RPG. It started on the DS but has really found its footing on the PSP, and every game shop has posters and promos up for this one. It also has the marketing magic of Hatsune Miku, as she’s included in the game’s opening video:

Also on the 18th is the boyfriend hunter Amnesia Crowd and Mahjong Gakuen Chrono Magic, which seems awfully sexual for a Mahjong game:

Why does it look like she has a huge ballsack?

Finally a Mahjong game that really stays true to the strategic principles of the game with no fluff, with no distractions…well, except for the J-pop and stripping anime girls.

PSP concludes its April release schedule with some budget re-releases on the 25th, most popular among them probably being ToHeart2.


Big stuff going on in Shikoku right now (how often do you say those eight words?), the Triennial Seto Uchi International Art Festival. They display artistic exhibits on various islands throughout the Seto Inland Sea, and for all who experience it, the memories are guaranteed to last a lifetime. I’m usually not an art guy, as I generally think of paintings and sculptures when I hear the word “art,” but this art festival’s first go, three years ago, really opened by stupid eyes.

This time around, the exhibits are rolling in three different seasons, and the first ends on April 20th. I’ve been extremely busy, so I was only able to make it out to one island. Nonetheless, that island made for a heck of a trip. Here’s a goofy hill somebody carved up with all kinds of funky paths going up and down the side. As you can see above, I am the king of it.

The highlight was “Millennium Soup,” which according to the signs is “made with an ingredient 1,000 years old.” This ingredient appears to be turtle claws, so I guess that means 1,000 years ago, Earth invented turtles? Good as it was, the soup itself was less memorable than the actual dining itself, as the wind was relentless that day. Observe this video:

I went for a bite, and the wind blew the stuff right off my spoon. With no indoor dining at this little stand, however, that was the only option for anyone looking to try the Millennium Soup. I had to hold my bowl with one hand the entire time, or it would have blown away; I could feel the wind pushing it the entire time. Crazy stuff.