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Valkyria Chronicles Cafe

Valkyria Chronicles Cafe Rides Brownie Tank Into Tokyo

Brownie tanks. You guys. Brownie tanks.

Holiday Demon Sword Cleavage – PlayStation JapanStyle

The phrase “Merry Christmas” upsets single men while giant anime cleavage upsets a whole town.

United Love Freedom – PlayStation JapanStyle

I… was born… toooooooo love youuuuu~

Inappropriate Dungeon Dives – PlayStation JapanStyle

Stupid sexy diver babe!

Downloading My Racial H2O Fry Belt – PlayStation JapanStyle

Give me that bottle when you’re done with it.

Grooving Defeated Retail Warriors – PlayStation JapanStyle June/July 2015

Japan’s E3 reactions, summer of music games, and the overwhelming urge to start a war.

It’s Not Time for Devs to Leave PS3 Behind

Time to crucify cross-generation games?

4 New PS4 Games Sony Hopes Will Succeed This Week; Type-0 HD Wasn’t Hot Enough

These games, in particular, Sony would like to see high numbers for next week.

Time Dance Mafia – PlayStation JapanStyle Feb. 2015

I play three games, one of which makes me want to die. Also I talk about PS4 sales I guess.

PS3 > PS4 in 2014 – PlayStation JapanStyle

2015 is PS4’s turn, I’m sure.

Tank Girl Liberation – PlayStation JapanStyle, June 2014

戦車ちゃんかわいい~ うぐううう~

Yellow Haiku Song – PlayStation JapanStyle May 31, 2014

Sales talk, speculation, and 2 quick impressions.

Lousy Smarch Weather – PlayStation JapanStyle Smarch 2014

Playin’ those Japanese games in my cold, cold house.

Final Fantasy X Then And Now: Has The Game Changed, Or Have I?

This is my story.

Remember Me? Forget Japan – PlayStation JapanStyle June 2013

Remember Me skips a country, Japan’s 10 favorite Tales games, and more.

Golden Xbox Divorce – PlayStation JapanStyle May 2013

Vita sales slumping yet again, and Japan gives the Xbone another nickname.

Windy Sister Dragon Sacrifice: PlayStation JapanStyle April 2013

I’m the king of an extremely windy hill.

Magical Console .Hacking – PlayStation JapanStyle March 2013


Will the PlayStation 4 Be Called “PS4” in Japan? PSLS Investigates

I have figured out the unfigureoutable.

Knights of the Rusty Downloads – PlayStation JapanStyle February 2013

Ready your holy hand grenades.