Valkyria Chronicles Cafe

Valkyria Chronicles Cafe Rides Brownie Tank Into Tokyo

You may remember some time ago when I slipped into a Gundam cafe and a Final Fantasy XIV cafe in Tokyo, a city which seems filled with small restaurants dedicated to anime or games. It was fun, and the food was pretty good too. Well there’s a popular dinner and dessert chain in Japan called Sweets Paradise that’s like an all-you-can-eat sweets buffet for an hour and a half. It’s great.

Sega is teaming up with Sweets Paradise to make a special Valkyria Chronicles cafe, which will of course serve drinks, sweets, and snacks with a little twist of Gallian flare. I haven’t been to it, and I sadly have no chance in the foreseeable future, but 4Gamer went in to provide a look:

You can eat hamburgers with buns fresh from mai waifu Alicia’s bakery. And are you seeing the brownies that were stacked to form a tank? This is amazing.

I want to go to there gif

If you’d like to try and get there yourself, it’s on the seventh floor of Marui Kinshicho in Sumida, Tokyo. Here’s a map that might help. Get there quick, though, because these things are usually only open for a short amount of time. This one is currently expected to stop being a Valkyria thing on May 8th.