Daily Reaction Spotlight: Tech, Toys and Trinkets #1

The Daily Reaction crew of Seb and Dan talk about some of the most amazing, and not so amazing, tech, toys and trinkets that gamers and nerds around the world might find of interest.

H/K BT headphones

HKBT Headphones

Dan: Having tried these headphones out in person at GDC13, I can say that they are definitely worth a try, but do know that I was unable to verify the quality of the set’s soundstage.

Seb: But they’re too angular.

Astro A50


Seb: These are sleeker, sexier and more comfortable, but slightly pricier.

Dan: I actually use the lower model A40s and absolutely love them.

Official PS Charger


Dan: These official chargers are the easiest ones I have ever used, as they use a clip to allow controllers to just drop in, but it sadly only comes with 2 clips.

Seb: 2 clips is fine as you don’t have any friends. But it is a nice, portable charger.

Energizer Charger


Seb: I use this one and, while it does appear a bit fragile, I haven’t had any issues. The LEDs at night are a bit too bright, so that’s a little annoying.

Dan: The fact that it comes with a USB port on the side and a mount for the PS Headset does give it a bit more diversity of options.

PlayStation Lamp


Dan: I am not sure if this is the waste of a perfectly good PSOne or a ingenious idea to use old hardware, but man it sure is a great idea.

Seb: Since man began its quest for scientific and artistic advancement we have been gifted with incredible treasures that forever changed the world – fire, the wheel, irrigation and this.

PS Earphones


Seb: The sound quality is what you’d expect (average), but if you want a bit of PS branding on your face without getting a tattoo, you can’t go wrong with this.

Dan: Well even though I would recommend the tattoo, these will probably work (as long as they are plugged in). It would be nice if Sony adapted a similar style to include with the PS Vita.

DIY Companion Cube


Dan: I enjoy a good companion cube as much as the next guy, so this would be a nice project to work on as any to add a bit of love to your man-cave.

Seb: If, like Dan, your man-cave needs a bit of loving, then this is the perfect thing to take your mind off of your desperate loneliness.

DIY Condom case


Seb: If, however, you do manage to attract someone to your man-cave, you can scare them away with these gaming condom cases.

Dan: Well if, like Seb, your ‘friend’ wakes up in your man-cave bound and gagged, be a sport and play it safe.

Mock F1 Car Gaming Chair


Dan: I have seen some unusual items for sale, but this one has to take the cake as it costs a crazy $139,382 from Costco…yes, Costco. Make sure to save those pennies, if you want to play out those fantasies of being a racecar driver, just without all fame, money, women, skill, happiness, friends or life.

Seb: If you have $140k burning a hole in your bank account and you’ve already angered every hooker in the district, it makes sense to spend it on the notoriously-comfortable F1 shaped seat. Thankfully, the inbuilt computer runs Windows 7, so you don’t have to worry about wasting money on Win8 and suddenly regretting your purchase.

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