Dragon Fantasy: Book I Patch 1.10 Detailed, Adds Run Button and More

Muteki is hoping to have patch 1.10 for Dragon Fantasy: Book I out this week (unconfirmed at the moment though), and they detailed all the notes associated with this patch, which you can read about below:

PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita Changes

  • A run button. Not to be mistaken for a rum button, this will allow players to move a little faster in towns and dungeons.
  • In-game clock, so you know exactly how long it took you to earn that gold sword, before realizing it’s not actually a better weapon.
  • Choose music independent of graphics. Want 16-bit looks but 8-bit chiptunes, or 8-bit graphics and melodic SNES style music? You can do that starting this patch.
  • Start moving immediately after battles and scene changes while holding arrows.
  • Selector will no longer pop up during battle animations if you accidentally hit a button. Nor if you deliberately hit a button. Take that!
  • The quicksave will no longer allow you to respawn from your current location. While cool, that was actually unintended. No progress will be lost with this update to quicksaves.

PlayStation 3 Specific Changes

  • Fixed more crash bugs, notably the ones in Jerald’s Chapter (Chapter 3) and at the end of the Minecraft Adventures (Chapter 4)

PlayStation Vita Specific Changes – Update to the Hit Formula

Old Formula

  • 0.85 – 0.10 = 75% chance to hit

New Formula

  • (0.85 – 0.10 + 1.0) / 2.0 = 87.5% chance to hit.

What do you think of the patch? Does it address all of your issues? Let us know in the comments below.