Raiden’s Voice Actor, Quinton Flynn, on MGSV: “David Hayter is SNAKE,” “Please Bring David Back”

When it came to light that David Hayter wouldn’t be reprising his role as Snake in Metal Gear Solid V, there was quite a bit of outrage, with Chandler creating an article about this possibly being another troll, and a petition asking Kojima Productions to bring him back getting over 17,000 supporters (David Hayter even retweeted it).

Joining the ranks of people who would like to see David Hayter voice Snake in Metal Gear Solid V is Quinton Flynn, the man who plays Raiden in the Metal Gear games, who posted the following on TwitLonger:

David Hayter is a brilliant actor and a dear friend. I can’t say enough about how great his gifts are, and what a kind and genuine man he is. He is much beloved by his fans and anyone who’s worked with him. He brings all his skills as an actor, writer, producer and director to any project he’s involved with. This man fires on all cylinders! David Hayter is SNAKE. Just as Christian Bale is Batman, Robert Downey Jr. is Ironman, Dan Castellaneta is Homer Simpson, and Gene Wilder, the true Willy Wonka. Voice over acting is one of the purest and demanding forms of the medium known to the acting community. David does this with great ease & great commitment, always rising to the occasion and then some. He intuitively knows this character and deserves to be honored with it, as he has so honored the roll for the creators and the world around. Please bring David back. I implore you.

Sincerely, Quinton Flynn – Snake’s devoted pal, Raiden!

We’ll still have to wait and see if David Hayter does show up in Metal Gear Solid V, but he did let out this recent tweet:

And one about Kevin Conroy possibly not returning as Batman in Batman: Arkham Origins:

If David Hayter doesn’t return as Snake, who would you like to see voice the character? Let us know in the comments below.