Meet the Infected in a New The Last of Us Video, Naughty Dog is Working on Multiplayer and “Focusing Testing it a Lot”

If all had gone according to the original plan, we’d be talking about how awesome it is that The Last of Us is coming out tomorrow. Unfortunately, it was delayed until June 14th, meaning that we still have to wait over a month (and an entire E3) before we can finally get our hands on it.

While we wait, the latest developer diary for the game has been brought out, and despite the title of ‘Meet the Infected’, it actually starts with Neil Druckmann, Creative Director on The Last of Us, talking about the relationship between Joel and Ellie:

In non-news news, a recent post on the PS Blog by Eric Monacelli, Community Strategist at Naughty Dog, was asked when we might see something about multiplayer for The Last of Us, a question he pretty much dodged:

We’re working on MP and focusing testing it a lot. It’s going to be very fun!

As for someone asking about if we might “get screwed over by adding 597340657439085649856 near impossible multiplayer DLC Trophies (hyperbole) after release,” Eric again didn’t outright address this, only adding that “we’ll talk about DLC if it’s happening.”

The Last of Us demo for all owners of God of War: Ascension is still on track for a May 31st release date.

When do you think we’ll hear something about the multiplayer? Let us know in the comments below.