Ask PSLS: Which Game Have You Replayed The Most?

Taking a break from price drops and E3 hopes (don’t worry, there will be more), we decided to take a look back into the past. So, this week we asked the PSLS staff: “Which Game Have You Replayed The Most?”

Anthony Severino – Platinum-ed a Game That Didn’t Even Offer One (@Sev_Anthony)

Like Dan (keep scrollin’ scrollin’ scrollin’ scrollin’ for his entry), replaying games again and again were forgotten in my younger days. But thinking about the most recent game I replayed over many, many times, it would be Resistance: Fall of Man.

At the PS3 launch, there wasn’t a lot worth playing aside from that. I was also recovering from surgery to fix a pair of herniated discs in my spine, so I was spending a lot of time on the couch with little else to do. And then, there were those goddamn skill points. It was essentially the Platinum I strived for before there were ever trophies on the PS3. I wanted 100% and I eventually got it.

Cameron Teague – So Sweet (@Cameron_PSLS)

The most recent game I replayed over and over again, aside from a sports game, was Uncharted 2, which I beat about 3-4 times. However, the game I have replayed the most of all time is Suikoden III, which I have beaten around 10 times now. It’s just one of those games that I kept loving more every time I played it.

Chandler Wood – How Much Wood Could a Chandler Wood-Chuck Chuck if a Chandler Wood-Chuck Could Chuck Wood? (@FinchStrife)

Hands down, the game that I have replayed start to finish the most is Crash Bandicoot Warped on the PS1. I loved that game when I was younger and would replay it over and over again, because I had no money for new games and my mom wouldn’t let me play M rated games (that’s called responsible parenting!). I’ve probably completed it more than 20 times in full. Bringing the question to the current generation, I had to play through Metal Gear Solid 2 HD five times for the Platinum, though once I platinum Metal Gear Solid 4, it will take that top spot with eight total playthroughs.

Dan Oravasaari – Liquid (@FoolsJoker)

I rarely ever play a game more than once, but when I was younger, I used to practice speed runs on the original Metal Gear Solid. I must have beaten the game without shortcuts at least a dozen times, and at least double that bypassing certain segments.

Jason Dunning – Pure Evil (@Jasonad21)

There’s games I’ve probably spent more time on, but the game I’ve actually replayed the most is Resident Evil 4. I re-bought a GameCube for it on launch day and played the game like crazy. Then, I bought Resident Evil 4 again on PS2, Wii, and even the HD version. In all, I’ve probably played it to completion about 15 times across all systems. And I’ll definitely be going back again.

Jesse Meikle – Super Duper (@Jesse_WM)

Super Mario World, easily. Whether I’m playing it on my SNES, PC, Android, or Wii U, it’s hard to not love the tight gameplay, level variety, well-aged graphics, secrets, and the large amount of levels which end up making every new playthrough nostalgic, yet, surprisingly fresh.

Louis Edwards – Speed Racer (@ftwrthtx)

There have only been a few games that have given me enough replayability to go back and start over. It’s a toss up between Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and Ridge Racer 7. Uncharted was the first game I owned that had trophies (once they were patched in) and I have earned the Platinum trophy on 4 different PSN accounts. Ridge Racer 7 on the other hand drove me to chase the leaderboards for the first time in a game. I earned the top spot in the World and held it for a week. To this day my PSN name is in 3rd place all time on the CR leaderboard.

Sebastian Moss – Bring it On (@SebMoss)

Probably thumb wars, I’ve played that game with so many people, even more than rock, paper, scissors. Either that or hopscotch.

Which game have you replayed the most? Let us know in the comments below.