Gran Turismo 6 Product Listing Pops up on the Official GT Website

We’re just one day away from the Gran Turismo 15th Anniversary Event at the Silverstone Circuit, where a Gran Turismo 6 announcement seems likely to occur.

Adding more evidence to the case of a GT6 reveal (past the trailer hint, retailer posting, and Michael Denny mentioning it), GTPlanet spotted that the official Gran Turismo website shows a product listing for Gran Turismo 6. You can see this by heading to, which, surprisingly, hasn’t been taken down yet.


So, while this seemingly confirms what we had already guessed, it doesn’t say whether this is going to be a PlayStation 3 exclusive, or if the PlayStation Vita might be getting some GT6 attention as well.

Whatever happens at the event tomorrow (even a random Kazilla attack), we’ll be sure to let you know.

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