Velocity Ultra North American Release Not Happening Today, European Release Tomorrow Possible (Update)

Update: FuturLab announced that it has passed EU FQA and “now we just have to let the store ninja’s work their magic.”

Original Story: Unfortunately for everyone in North America hoping to play Velocity Ultra later today when the PlayStation Store updates, FuturLab has confirmed that it will miss the originally planned release date because it’s “still in QA (quality assurance).”

FuturLab didn’t give an updated timeline for when we might see Velocity Ultra in North America, just that they “don’t have much information on its progress in QA at this moment,” but Europe’s prospects are much better. The developer notes that “there are currently no Must Fix bugs, which means when the timer runs out at the end of today, we have passed FQA.” When this event occurs, it will then be “up to the PS Store team to work serious magic and get the package ready for download on the store.”

Interestingly, Velocity Ultra (final file size pegged at around 220 MB) had actually failed FQA five times in Europe before it was submitted to North America, with FuturLab hoping that “all the bugs were rinsed out.”

Be sure to keep an eye on our PlayStation Store Global Update tomorrow to see if the game did in fact launch in Europe, and we’ll let you know when a new date is given for North America.

Were you planning on getting Velocity Ultra in North America today? Let us know in the comments below.

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