New Time and Eternity Trailer Slashes In

This is a good day for all you JRPG lovers out there. Not only did Panopticon get revealed in a trailer earlier today, but NIS America has released a new trailer for their upcoming title, Time and Eternity. This new trailer flashes some of the highlights of gameplay in T&E, as well as plenty of fan service and Japanese goodness.

Time and Eternity is centered around a main hero and his wife-to-be, Toki. At the wedding ceremony, a group of assassins attack and killed Toki’s fiance Zack. This event awakens her alter ego Towa and starts up a series of events in time travel. The trailer below focuses mainly on the combat system, which is action-oriented, having you time your dodge and then attack.

Developed by Imageepoch for the PlayStation 3, Time and Eternity is set for release July 16th in North America, and July 28th in Europe. Does the trailer make you want to pick this up and if not, why?