Sony Blinked, Killzone: Mercenary’s Release Date Pushed up to September 4th in Europe and September 10th in North America

Despite Guerrilla Games telling Rockstar to “come at me bro” when it was announced that Grand Theft Auto V would release on the same day as Killzone: Mercenary on PlayStation Vita, our original guess was correct, and Sony has bumped up the shooter’s launch date. This means that Mercenary is coming out on September 4th in Europe (6th in the UK), with North America getting it on September 10th.

Going along with this announcement, they gave out a new trailer, complete with crotch-stabbing:

Here’s the pre-order bonuses for Killzone: Mercenary:

Blackjack’s Briefcase (North America, Optional Choice in Europe)

  • Double XP Boost for 48 hours on all contracts, bonuses, and payoffs
  • In-game cash bonus, enough to buy a new weapon right away

M224-A1 Light Machine Gun (GameStop in North America, Optional Choice in Europe)

  • A weapon for use in single player and multiplayer

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