PSLS’ Morning Wood Episode 011: Social Media and a Changing Games Industry

Welcome to episode 11 of Morning Wood. This week I make a variety of odd noises and voices due to the responses to last week’s Sebastian Asks. I also give you a trophy tip for a game that I am working on the Platinum for and interject my feelings about the changing landscape of the industry. Is the industry in for a good year? Find out what I think in this week’s Morning Wood.

What are your opinions on a developer’s presence in social media? What changes do you think the next year is going to bring to the landscape of the video game industry? Are you planning on grinding out yet another Platinum with the Tomb Raider multiplayer, or have you already put that one behind you? Do you have a better Twitter handle for me than @FinchStrife? Email me at [email protected] or leave a comment below and I will see you all next week when you wake up with Morning Wood.