Ask PSLS: What Do You Think the Xbox One Successor Should be Called?

We’re a forward thinking group here and we wanted to look towards the next-next generation of video games. While it’s a given that Sony’s console following the PlayStation 4 is going to be the PlayStation 5, Microsoft’s next Xbox could pretty much be anything at this point, so we decided to have a little fun in closing out our Ask PSLS’s focused on the Xbox One, asking everyone: What Should the Xbox One’s Successor be Called?

Chandler Wood – Two (@FinchStrife)

If we’re going by their counting logic on Windows as well as this Xbox, I can think of too many names that Microsoft could use. Xbox Ten Percent would be good, as that is nearly what they’ve lowered their approval rating too, according to some polls. Perhaps the Xbox 2000? No, lets go with the Xbox XP. Or better yet, drop the Xbox as the identifier and simply call it the Windows XPox. Better still, let’s have other companies such as Lenovo or HP build a box, and run it on their Windows platform. I don’t think that’s been done before. Ever.

Dan Oravasaari – Three (@FoolsJoker)

I think they will call it the Xbox ThreeSixty, because that makes as much sense as calling the next-gen Xbox One.

Anthony Severino – One (@Sev_Anthony)

I think they’ll call it… quits. Because the Xbox One name and catering to the living room instead of the gamer is the wrong move. Pack your motherfucking bags, Microsoft.

Jason Dunning – Four (@Jasonad21)

Well, it’s tough to say what Microsoft is trying to accomplish with their console names. It seemed like they didn’t want to copy PlayStation going in numerical order by calling the Xbox’s successor the 360, but then they went completely backwards and called their third console ‘One’.

So, I believe they’ll take a cue from Coca-Cola and call it the Xbox Zero, or maybe Vanilla Xbox with Cherry.

Louis Edwards – Five (@ftwrthtx)

Xbox Infinity… because Microsoft has to wake the hell up at some point and say “What the hell were we thinking?”

Sebastian Moss – Seven (@SebMoss)

 As if this thing is gonna get a successor.

Heath Hindman – Xbox Pun (@RPGLand)

The Sucksessor.

What do you think the Xbox One’s successor should be? Let us know in the comments below.