God of War: Ascension Patch 1.06 Downloadable Now, Adds New Maps and Fixes Issues (Update: Patch Temporarily Removed)

Update: Sony Santa Monica has taken down patch 1.06 for now, citing a technical issue. We’ll do our best to let you know when it’s back up again.

Original Story: The Catch-Up foretold of this occurrence yesterday, and it has now come to pass as patch 1.06 for God of War: Ascension is now available to download on your PlayStation 3.

With 1.06, you’ll receive some new maps, feats, and labors, along with some technical fixes, which you can read all about in the patch notes we’ve placed below:

New Maps

  • Tower of Delphi – Locked within the frozen mountains and swirling snow, the Tower of Delphi is the last test before an audience with the Oracle. Beware the Manticore, his size may be deceptive, but his ferocity is not to be taken lightly.
  • Coliseum of Persia – Sony Santa Monica has transformed the Coliseum of Persia to a battleground with the fiercest enemies to test your might as a true Warrior of the Gods.

New Feats Added 

  • Manticore Killer: Awarded after killing Manticore in Tower of Delphi
  • Spartan Warrior Killer: Awarded after killing Spartan Warrior in Coliseum of Persia

New Labors Added

  • Manticore Killer I – V: Awarded for killing the Manticore in Tower of Delphi multiple times
  • Ruthless I – VII: Awarded for surviving rounds in Tower of Delphi multiple times
  • Spartan Warrior Killer I – VIII: Awarded for killing the Spartan Warrior in Coliseum of Persia multiple times
  • Pitiless I – VII: Awarded for surviving rounds in Coliseum of Persia multiple times

Technical Fixes

Single Player

  • Fixed a bug where the camera would sometimes get stuck as the aqueduct bridge repairs itself, preventing the player from progressing after acquiring the Life Cycle power from The Prophet. This no longer requires a chapter restart.


  • Improvements to Matchmaking and Party System.
  • Fixed an exploit which allowed Players to equip mix and customize different Allegiance weapons, items, relics, and armors.
  • Relic of Determination will no longer grant a buff automatically each time the player respawns after their first death. The buff will only be granted when the player has survived 1 minute after respawning.
  • Relic of Excess will now provide magic and health to nearby teammates in 2-player Trial of the Gods Mode.
  • Players using Relic of Regeneration will no longer receive magic when grappled in the air by enemy players.
  • Relic of Divination will now activate for both magics when two uses of any magic are stored.
  • Relic of Mastery (Ares only) Boost will now last for 40 seconds (instead of 30) at Rank 3.
  • Ares Wall of Flame will now burn any enemies in Trial of the Gods.


  • Fixed a bug that was causing audio to cut out during a fresh play through of single-player. We are continuing to evaluate single-player audio issues.
  • Fixed missing audio for Zeus Item “Thunderous Triumph” when used.

Are you going to be playing some God of War: Ascension multiplayer following this patch? Let us know in the comments below.

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