Editor’s Letter: To Infinity and Beyond

Editor’s Letter is a series of ongoing articles on the state of PSLS, its future and the future of the industry as a whole.

The last few ELs have focused on the industry, but today’s is all about PSLS and a major milestone we’ve passed: This post marks the 20 thousandth PSLS article published on the site.


As we move closer to E3 and then the launch of a whole new PlayStation platform, things at PSLS are set to get all the more exciting, but I’d just like to say a big thank you to everyone that made getting this far possible. Thank you to the readers for every article you’ve clicked on, every comment you’ve made and every story you’ve shared. And thank you to the staff who routinely put in 12 hours+ a day, write hundreds of articles and put up with all my editing.

PSLS has evolved a lot over the years, and I’m immensely proud of where it is today. This year in particular has been a time for change – we’ve dramatically increased the number of longform articles, we’ve taken a harder stance on unethical journalism and we’ve introduced a bunch of new recurring features like Ask PSLS and Morning Wood. Plus, we’ve expanded our staff with writers like Richard to work on trophy guides, Russell and Nicholas on reviews and Alvaro on features. And, somehow, Daily Reaction is still going.

As part of the celebration, here’s some of our favorite articles:

We’ve done a bunch more articles (over 19,000 more), so let us know if any stood out to you over the years.

Here’s to another 20,000. 🙂