Sony Gives Minecraft Creator Notch a Golden PSone as an E3 Invite

The Xbox One may have grabbed all the headlines over the last week, but today’s news is about the original PSone.

Sony sent Mojang’s Markus ‘Notch’ Persson, best known for creating Minecraft, a golden PSone as an E3 invite. Minecraft is currently a timed console exclusive on Xbox 360, which is why it’s not on PS3 or Vita, but Mojang are also developing Scrolls and 0x10c, and the exclusivity deal may run out soon. Getting Notch interested in PlayStation could lead to huge franchises hitting PS platforms.

The developer revealed:

Got a vip invitation to an e3 event from sony in the form of a gold colored psone. Wow. 😀


PSLS got an email invite.