Real Boxing Comes to the PlayStation Vita This August Via the PlayStation Network

Shahid Ahmad said we’d have “dozens” of PlayStation Vita titles this year, and one of those is the newly dated Real Boxing. Developed by Vivid Games and powered by Unreal Engine 3, you can expect it in North America this August, via the PlayStation Network.

Taking a boxer from amateur to pro, Real Boxing uses motion capture to make the game as realistic as possible, while also including real-time deformation to see the damage being dealt to your fighter’s face. Further features include button and touch controls, single, career and training modes, a customizable fighter, different styles for each opponent, real-time commentary, a dynamic crowd, and slow-motion replays.

Remi Koscielny, CEO of Vivid Games, talked a little about Real Boxing:

Real Boxing is as close as you can get to the real sport without lacing up a pair of gloves and getting in the ring. We’ve put everything fans love about the sport of boxing into the Vita, making it one of the most comprehensive sports titles available for the system.

If a gameplay trailer and price for the PlayStation Vita version is released, you can be sure we’ll let you know.

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