The Last of Us Single Player DLC Isn’t Cut Content, It’s “New Content” Naughty Dog is Working on Post Launch

It wouldn’t be a new day without The Last of Us getting some attention from us, with the newly announced single player DLC being the focus.

Taking to the PS Blog to address some concerns about the single player DLC being cut content from the actual game release on June 14th, Eric Monacelli, Community Strategist at Naughty Dog, confirmed that “it’s not cut content. It’s new content we are working on post launch.” While we highly doubted that Naughty Dog would do something like that, it’s good for Eric to re-assure anyone who might have been worried.

This practice of working on brand new content post launch is something that Irrational Games is doing with BioShock Infinite. Since it was two months ago that we received Infinite, some fans were getting impatient, prompting Ken Levine to send out this tweet:

Getting back to The Last of Us and that single player DLC, here’s my guess:

You play as a Clicker who still has his memories from a past life. As you embark on a harrowing, dangerous quest to reunite with your family, you come across a man and younger woman. Though humans aren’t the most trust- Oh wait, they killed you. Aww.

What do you think Naughty Dog should do with the single player DLC? Let us know in the comments below.