PSLSSA: The Last of Us Demo Inside God of War: Ascension Now Unlocked (Update 6: Demo Should Work)

Update 6: Sony Santa Monica says that the demo should now work: “@Naughty_Dog The Last of Us #demo is now available for download!”

Update 5: We’re getting numerous reports that the demo is now available for download through God of War: Ascension. If you’re still having trouble with it, be patient, as Sony is still working through the issues.

Update 4: Even though Naughty Dog’s website is having issues as well, they managed to tweet that “once the PS Store goes online the #TheLastofUs demo will be available to owners of God of War: Ascension today.”

Update 3: Sony Santa Monica gave another update by saying, “Zombies are crashing the PSN Store, huge infestation attempting downloads, PSN working to resolve promptly.” Basically, a lot of people tried to get the demo, leading to a crash.

Update 2: Sony Santa Monica is “on the horn” with Naughty Dog and PlayStation about the PlayStation Store issues. They say “this will be resolved.”

Update: Well, after going through the process of trying to get the demo and error codes (80023017), it turns out the PSN is apparently undergoing maintenance at this time. The EU PlayStation Twitter account said that “you can access The Last of Us demo from tomorrow,” so it looks like you’re waiting a little longer to actually play it.

If there’s any more developments regarding the demo today, we’ll let you know.

Original Story: While there are those of you who don’t want to play the demo so that everything feels fresh when you boot up The Last of Us on Friday, June 14th, the rest of you God of War: Ascension owners who can’t wait to play even a tiny bit of the game now have the opportunity to do so.

Inside your copy of God of War: Ascension, the demo for The Last of Us has now unlocked, giving you a chance to step into the shoes of Joel, for the first time publicly. To help you out, we’ve placed a step-by-step instruction guide on how you can find this demo:

  1. Stand up out of your chair/couch/bed that you were cocooned in and go find your God of War: Ascension case.
  2. Take the disc out and put it into your PS3.
  3. Click on the God of War: Ascension game icon on the XMB.
  4. If you haven’t done so already, patch 1.07 for Ascension will be downloadable at this point, so be sure to install that.
  5. When the patch is completed and you’re in the main menu for Ascension, hit Square to go to The Last of Us demo menu.
  6. Instead of the usual countdown clock, there will now be an option to go to the PlayStation Store, where you must download the demo, which is 132MB.
  7. In the demo, you play the Outskirts level, in which Joel and Ellie, along with Tess, encounter multiple Infected enemies.

Are you going to be playing The Last of Us demo? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to come back next week for our full review of the game.

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