The Catch-Up: May 31st, 2013 – Final Fantasy X HD Screenshots, Krieg Short Film, Prey 2 in Development at Arkane?

Depending where you live and when you read this, it’s the weekend! That means after reading The Catch-Up and today’s DR, you should go out and enjoy the time off [Ed: What? No! Read more PSLS].

General News:

  • Kotaku is hearing from unnamed sources that Prey 2 was once in development at Obsidian (Fallout: New Vegas), with the duties now handed to Arkane Studios (Dishonored), who were reluctant to do so. If the source is to be believed, Prey 2 is now scheduled for a 2016 release date.
  • Metro: Last Light has sold more retail copies already in the USA than Metro 2033 did in its whole lifetime. Not only that, worldwide sales across all platforms for the first week of Last Light were higher than Metro 2033 did in its first three months. [Press Release]
  • Beta Phase 3 (which allows PlayStation 3 gamers to get in on the action) for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn starts on Friday, June 14th. This is a good idea, since nothing else of importance comes out that day… [Press Release]
  • Jack Liu’s LinkedIn profile lists that he is working as an Animator on an unannounced PS4 title for Sony San Diego since March 2013. No other details were given, but this could possibly just be MLB 14: The Show. [Via]
  • Kyrpto the Dog will not be announced as a DLC character for Injustice: Gods Among Us. [Source]
  • Toys R Us USA is offering a $20 gift card with purchase of Fuse today and Saturday, June 1st. [Source]
  • Square Enix’s E3 site updated, revealing three new screenshots for Final Fantasy X HD, thankfully without sound [Via/Source]:


  • This Meat Bicycle for Two short film details how Krieg became a Vault Hunter in Borderlands 2:

  • Rain Games announced that Teslagrad will be releasing on the PS3 this fall [Via/Source]:

  • Mamorukun Curse! was confirmed for a July 16th PlayStation Network release date in North America for $19.99, complete with 66 Trophies:

  • Ahead of the June 4th release date, a live action video for Remember Me was brought out:

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