PlayStation LifeStyle PlayList: June 8th & 9th, 2013 – Almost There Edition

We’re almost at E3 2013. Many of the staff are going to be making their way to Los Angeles this weekend, while the more handsome writers are going to be staying home and resting up for the absolute craziness about to ensue.

Here’s what everyone is playing this weekend:

Anthony Severino – Knock Knock (@Sev_Anthony)

Jak & Daxter Collection just arrived at my door for PS Vita. I’ll play that on the plane before I do a hand-off to someone else at E3 who will end up being the one who reviews it. I can’t take another review right now after The Last of Us – although I’ll be reviewing Game and Wario for GameRevolution post-E3. Aside from that, I’ll load my iPad with some games. I hear FF Tactics is on sale right now. That, and I have plenty of writing to do.

Cameron Teague – Friend? (@Cameron_PSLS)

Some Toro’s Friend Network, which is suprisingly addictive. Other than that, some NHL and Men’s Room Mayhem. Yeah, the few days leading up to E3 are boring!

Chandler Wood – Needs Deodorant (@FinchStrife)

This weekend I’ll be playing a storage management game consisting of what I can fit in a carry on bag and a backpack, and what I can take on a plane without getting kicked off for being a terrorist (sorry big deodorant, TSA says only mini deodorant can come on this trip). The big question is not what I’ll be playing this weekend, but what I’ll be playing next week at E3. I don’t fly out until Monday, so I’ll probably bring my Vita to play on the plane trip out there, but after landing it’s going to be buckling down and writing game previews and E3 articles for the next week or so. Check out tomorrow’s Morning Wood for a preview of some of the developer appointments that I have and the games I might be getting my hands on.

Dan Oravasaari – Preparation is Key (@FoolsJoker)

I will be packing for E3, as well shooting and editing Bad Gamers for Monday.

Jason Dunning – Humon (@Jasonad21)

I’ll be playing through The Last of Us again, while possibly making some time for Deus Ex: Human Revolution, but the odds of that happening seem pretty low at this point.

Louis Edwards – Money, Money, Money (@ftwrthtx)

Once again I will be missing out on E3 because of my daughter’s education at UC San Diego. The costs of having children goes beyond the monetary. I’ll be attending my wife’s family reunion on Saturday, but I’ll be squeezing in some Limbo time on my Vita when I get a chance… and MLB 13: The Show.

Sebastian Moss – E3-Ready (@SebMoss)

I don’t care, make it Monday already.

What are you playing this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.