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Editor’s Letter – PSLS Coverage for E3 2017 and Community PlayList

Well, here we are, people! Another E3 is almost upon us. While I’m excited for gaming’s biggest event of the year, it means a lot of work from everyone on staff — both the home team, and the away team (the ones actually on the show floor).

While our E3 coverage from the past few years have nothing been short of fantastic, I wanted to ask our readers what it is you want to see outside of our pre-show features, up-to-the-minute news posts, previews, livestream stuff and post-event coverage and recap? Would you want to have a one-stop post where we’ll put in every E3-related article we ran for the day? Maybe a video recap of everything big that happened in terms of news to cap the event? Maybe a nightly screenshot of what Chandler is wearing at the hotel? My ears are open. Mind, I’m not saying we’ll do everything our readers suggest, but if it’s anything doable that won’t put a strain on our backs too much (we already pull all-nighters for E3), we will consider it.

If you have an idea or got a suggestion for E3 that we haven’t done before, please leave a comment below or send me an email or tweet. We’ll, of course, be continuing our live news posts, Now Loading, and other relevant features centered around the event before, during and after the dust has settled.

On another note (heh), remember the PlayList? It was a recurring feature that ran every Friday that asked readers what they were planning to play that weekend. The reason I’m asking is, we got an email from someone (hi, Ryan W.!) who asked for a daily “what are you playing today?” feature. While doing something daily might be out of the question, we do want to interact more with the community when it comes to actual gaming. With that in mind, would the PlayStation LifeStyle community want something super similar to the PlayList? Or something a bit different? Also, would you want to have it start on a Monday (so we can ask you what you’ll be playing all throughout the week up to the weekend), or every Friday and quiz people on what they’ll be playing that weekend? Same as before, send me an email or tweet. or just leave a comment below to let us know what you prefer.

I’ve yammered on long enough. Thanks for making PSLS the #1 independent PlayStation site in the world; we couldn’t have done it without the support of our readers. I’ll chat with everyone very soon.