Beyond: Two Souls Level Set in Somalia, “Military Action Scenes, Stealth” Gameplay

When you picture Beyond: Two Souls, you’re probably thinking something on the lines of Heavy Rain, but with magical powers. In fact, it looks like the game will be completely changing things up as one level is set in war torn Somalia.

As you can probably guess, the following involves plot settings and small details, so that is a spoiler, but David Cage was happy enough to share it. He showed GT a new level set in Somalia, in the last third of the game, where Jodie Holmes (and her supernatural entity Aiden) has been recruited by the CIA, and sent to Somalia to murder someone… but things turn out to be “very different than expected.”

Guillaume de Fondaumiere added that there are “military action scenes” with “stealth”, and hiding/avoiding enemies did seem to play a big part in the gameplay shown. You can also possess guards, and control them.


The news probably comes as a surprise for many due to David Cage’s comments on all games being shooters and having too many guns, but he did previously say he wanted to create an “emotional war game“. In some scenes, Jodie was depicted being helped by a child soldier.

As for whether Quantic Dream will have anything PS4 related for tonight’s show, David Cage simply said “who knows?”, and giggled.