Geoff Keighley Promises “Special PS Vita Worldwide Reveal” at 8:50AM PST, Teases “a TON of Next-Gen Game Announcements” at E3

We’re just over an hour away from E3 officially kicking off with the Microsoft press conference at 9AM PST, but as it turns out, there will be a “special PS Vita Worldwide Reveal” at 8:50AM PST. This news comes via Geoff Keighley, who, like us, is preparing for all the craziness that it is about to ensue today.

It’s not just the PlayStation Vita that’s going to be getting some attention this morning, as Geoff also teased it’s “going to be a huge day for a TON of next-gen game announcements.” With the Xbox conference slated to have 20 different games, and the Sony one sure to have more than a few surprises, expect Geoff’s words to hold true.

Whatever that PlayStation Vita game turns out to be, we’ll be sure to let you know exactly what it is.

Which PS Vita game do you hope is announced in an hour? Let us know in the comments below.