Ted Price Addresses Xbox One Exclusivity for Sunset Overdrive: It “Doesn’t Mean we Can’t or Wouldn’t Make Games With Our Longtime Friends at Sony”

Ted Price, President of Insomniac Games, seems to have known that there would be some backlash from PlayStation gamers about the fact that Insomniac Games is creating an Xbox One exclusive title with Sunset Overdrive.

In a new ‘Message From Ted‘ posting on the studio’s website, he stated that “at Insomniac, we’ve always been transparent with our fans. It’s important to us that our fans understand why we do what we do – it’s really the only way to build a meaningful long-term relationship.” He then continued by saying that they “were initially hesitant to shift back into an exclusive arrangement,” but “as the Microsoft team began introducing us to the abilities and philosophies driving the development of Xbox One, we knew that Sunset Overdrive was a perfect fit.”

Getting to the topic of PlayStation and how people might think “we have “abandoned” our PlayStation heritage,” Price said:

The truth is, not a lot has changed. Insomniac has been, is, and will continue to be 100% independent. We have treasured that independence for the last 19 years. It now allows us to own and control our IP, and find the most suitable partners to make those IP a reality. While we are excited about partnering with Microsoft on Sunset Overdrive, that doesn’t mean we can’t or wouldn’t make games with our longtime friends at Sony. That’s the magic of being an independent developer.

While this message seems to state that Insomniac hasn’t abandoned Sony, Ted Price was on IGN today and confirmed that “we are still working with Sony.” We’ll have to wait and see what that happens to be, so stay tuned to PSLS for all the details as they arrive.

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