Sony Let Down the PS Vita Big Time

Sony’s E3 2013 was phenomenal: game announcements were flung out left and right, no DRM chants were sung by the crowd and the PS4’s price was revealed to be surprisingly low.

But the Vita received virtually nothing. At the very beginning of the press event, Jack Tretton announced that a few old games were going to be ported to the platform, as well as re-announcing an F2P game. Then they moved on. That was it. For the whole show.

There was no news on that “AMAZING big title” Sony teased before E3 for Vita, no news on the Rockstar game that may be in development. No news on anything.

Of course the PS4 needed to take up the spotlight – it was the console’s first E3, and it’ll be in fierce competition with the Xbox One this Christmas – but really, not a single AAA game announcement for Vita?

The Vita is dying. It’s dead at retail. It needed a price cut, its memory sticks needed a price cut, and it needed at least one compelling new game. Millions of people tuned into this E3 to watch Sony and Microsoft duke it out, and Sony gave them no reason to buy a Vita, even though buying one now would almost guarantee they’d get a PS4 next gen.

At this stage it looks like Sony has simply given up on the Vita, content with it becoming an expensive second screen for the PS4.