Shahid Ahmad of Sony Teases “An Amazing Big Title Coming to Vita,” “You Are Gonna be Hooked for Hours” (Update: Hours “a Day,” Not Indie)

Update 2: Another tweet said that “its not indie, it’s not a port.”

Update: Shahid took to Twitter again this morning, responding to a bunch of different questions that arose through the night.

He shot down that this might be Ridiculous Fishing when people guessed that “hooked” was a clue, saying that “I thought some people might think that, but in *this* case it’s not developed by an indie.”

For more “clarification” on what the game could possibly be, he said, “Hooked for hours “a day”. Clue, not indie. And: alk [he probably meant talk] about one title doesn’t preclude others.”

Original Story: Shahid Ahmad, Senior Business Development Manager at SCEE, has been credited as one of the more notable people for helping to bring great indie titles to PlayStation platforms, and today, he sent out the following tweet teasing a PlayStation Vita game:

Oh and there is an AMAZING big title coming to Vita. I can’t tell you anything about it, except that you are gonna be hooked for hours.

This particular tweet was part of giant amount he sent out today that had an E3 vibe, with a couple more mentioning the upcoming mega event:

I’m sure you will enjoy the show, nobody has forgotten about Vita, trust me

And I’m hoping to get some more stuff signed before E3. Something for everyone

Of course, he didn’t go into any more detail regarding the plans for E3, so that leaves about a month of guessing. What do you think the big PlayStation Vita title is? Due to the “hooked for hours” part, I’m going to randomly guess Minecraft, but feel free to put your guess in the comments below.

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