RAGE 2 Confirmed? Fallout London? Danganronpa? Four Games Bethesda Might Be Teasing With That Big Ben Image

Earlier today, Bethesda tweeted out an image of Big Ben with a streak of pink paint on it. Of course, a video game publisher does anything out of context and without explanation and the community will begin picking apart every tiny detail. Is this Rage 2 confirmed? For most people, Big Ben screams London, but what’s with the pink paint? Does the time of 5:14 refer to the date May 14? While we’ll probably know more come next week, here’s our speculation on what Bethesda is teasing with this bizarre image.

RAGE 2 Confirmed?

The most obvious and likely scenario for this is that it means RAGE 2 confirmed. Yesterday, Walmart leaked a bunch of games ahead of suspected E3 reveals. In response, the official RAGE twitter account clapped back after being inactive for quite a long time. They changed the entire profile to revolve around the leaked listing.

Note that the pink coloring is the same as the pink color used on the Big Ben image. Does this mean RAGE 2 will be set in London? or is that color of pink the theme for new Bethesda game announcements?

Likelihood: Strong. We’re pretty sure this is exactly what Bethesda is teasing, and we’re looking forward to hearing a little bit more about the game next week.

Fallout London

Oh, hello! What are you doing down here on this paragraph? I thought I made it clear that the tease is most definitely about RAGE 2? What’s that? You saw “Fallout London” and couldn’t resist reading on? If not for all of the RAGE 2 stuff in the last couple of days, we’d say this was the next best guess. Its inevitable that we’ve got another Fallout on the way, and the locale is always one of the highly debated topics. Why not take the series across the pond and set it in Europe?

Likelihood: We Wouldn’t Be Surprised. However, we don’t think this specific tease is actually about Fallout.

The Elder Scrolls VI: Europe

The Elder Scrolls is in need of some shaking up to the formula, and what better way than bringing all of that fantasy into the real world? It’s time for a little “fus-roh-PARLIAMENT” as players learn to sort out their problems through politics, driving on the left side of the road, and calling people they don’t like “wankers.” You can keep your sword, but it’s only for knighting honorable celebrities and notable individuals.

Likelihood: I mean, everyone in The Elder Scrolls already has British accents…


Just because that grindhouse spaghetti-western-style shooter was amazingly fun and I want another one, it makes this list. I figure if I put it out there on the internet, it will happen some day. I mean, WET 2 was a thing at one point in 2010 before being canceled. Please Bethesda? Bring Ruby back for more six-shooter action.

Likelihood: In My Dreams. Probably not going to happen, but I’ll keep wishing.

Danganronpa Bethesda Crossover

You can’t tell me that pink streak doesn’t look like a murder scene featuring Danganronpa’s signature pink blood! What if Bethesda has been hired to make a non-anime, realistic version of Danganronpa, set in London, and the first murder is on the face of Big Ben?

Likelihood: No, That’s Wrong! Our search for clues is beginning to venture into very odd territory. We said four games. This is five. We’ll stop.

What do you think Bethesda is teasing with a pink-streaked Big Ben? Is this RAGE 2 confirmed, or something else entirely?