Rage 2 and Far Cry New Dawn

Even Bethesda and Ubisoft Are Joking About Rage 2 and Far Cry New Dawn Parallels

Since Far Cry New Dawn’s official unveiling at The Game Awards 2018, its shared likeness with Rage 2 has not gone unnoticed. People online have been making jokes at the expense of both titles for weeks. Now, it is Bethesda’s and Ubisoft’s turn to join the fun. The teasing started on Rage 2’s end with a tweet mimicking popular Far Cry New Dawn art. Funnily enough, the Twitter post also promised fans new gameplay coverage for Rage’s next entry is on the way.

See the Rage 2 tweet in question below:

It didn’t take long for Far Cry’s official Twitter account to respond with a cheeky post of its own, which also provided a link to the latest trailer. The Rage account seems to have had the last laugh, though, as its response featured the twin Spider-Man meme.

This back and forth initially began because gameplay impressions for Far Cry New Dawn, following a preview event, have gone live. Bethesda recently held a similar event for Rage 2. Apparently, as noted in the Rage account’s first tweet,  that coverage will go live next week.

As for similarities between the two titles, the resemblance does appear to be rather uncanny. Pink is indeed all the rage. However, Far Cry New Dawn’s emphasis on the bright color is grounded in reality, since the story takes place during the superbloom period after a nuclear attack. From what’s been shown, thus far, Rage 2’s use of pink seems a primarily aesthetic choice, an attempt to distance the new release from the brown color palette of the original title.

Far Cry New Dawn will come to the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on February 15, 2019. Players will get to dive into another colorful first-person apocalypse when Rage 2 launches on May 14, 2019.

[Source: Twitter via Comicbook.com]